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Ngare Sero Foot Print Project featured in Double-Page NGS January 2013 Issue

Jim Brett in recognition of his achievements in the fields of anthropology and environmental conservation and his accomplishments through the International Global Wildlife Education Internship, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania has conferred upon him the Degree of Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa, May 7, 2011.

Berks conservationist finds himself on the trail of early man.
Tanzania Safari 2017

Join us for a
Wild African Bush Safari,
January 2017

“A trip of a lifetime” - Jim Brett

January 25 - February 10

Carson Binoculars:

Carson BinocularsWild Africa Bush Safaris has entered into a new phase. We have been successful in becoming a dealer for Carson Binoculars.

For years Wild Africa Bush Safaris has specificly field tested the XM Series™ - XM-832HD Binoculars. You can’t beat the price nor the quality of the optics.


Jim BrettJim Brett
African Bush Safaris

Jim Brett has worked 50 years in conservation, and is recognized by the Department of Environmental Protection as one of the top environmental leaders of Pennsylvania.    Read more...

Traveling to any country requires a degree of flexibility and open-mindedness. This is especially true in a developing country. Part of the adventure and beauty of travel is the unexpected. The ability to go with the flow and unexpected is important for the vitality of the group.

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This year Hawk Mountain is proud to present a long-awaited and completely new publication that combines Jim Brett's overview of Hawk Mountain culturalHawk Mountain: A Conservation Success Story and natural history with new chapters on raptor conservation, the threats raptors face today, Hawk Mountain's role in conservation ornithology, and finally, to share our optimism for raptors, thanks to our conservation science training program and global reach.


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