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January 25 -February 10


January 25

Depart from Newark aboard KLM airline

January 26

Arrival at JRO airport 8:40 pm. Stay the night at KIA Lodge.

January 27

Depart in the morning for Arusha, enjoying a buffet lunch at the Cultural Heritage Center before heading to the Arusha Garden Resort for dinner that evening.

January 29

Early to rise with wake-up calls featuring hot coffee or tea before breakfast. Travel to the village of Madunga, the birthplace of my daughter Melania. She will introduce us to family members who still reside there. We will headnorth to the vicinity of Lake Buringi with a picnic lunch and arrive back to camp for dinner and sundowners around the campfire.

January 30

Breakfast will be cooked by our chefs on the outside grills next to the dining tent. After breakfast we head cross country to the Selali Swamp, a really wonderful place where, depending on water levels, elephants bring there calves to bathe. There is lots to see in shallows of the swamp…, the largest wetland in the National Park. This is the home of tree climbing pythons and a great place to encounter leopard and serval cats. An al fresco lunch will be enjoyed overlooking Selali Swamp from the food packed in a picnic basket prepared by our camp chefs.

January 31

Depart Tarangire for our long drive west to the bustling town of Karatu on the way to Ngorongoro Conservation District. Spend four days at Ngorongoro Rhino Lodge Lodge. The lodge is situated at an altitude of 2,200 meters, a few hundred meters from the rim of the Crater. There are fantastic views of untouched high mountain forest with Mount Oldeani (3,200 meters) dominating the background.

February 6

Head west to Ndutu Lodge for three nights.

February 10

Back to Newark on KLM Airlines





2015Luxury Safari.

Luxury Canvas Lodging (All new 10x13x7 ft tents with flush toilets, hot & cold showers, hot & cold vanity sinks. Separate dressing room & toilet compartments. Twin beds with 5.5" foam mattresses. Canvas safari chairs on verandah with writing tables. Bedroom fully lit powered by generator separated from tents with comfortable separation. Full insect protection on all sides + zippered doors Amenities: Daily Laundering/ironing/shoe polishing. Daily wake-up service with hot coffee, tea & chocolate served in or outside tents by properly attired tent staff. Meals catered for individual needs including vegetarian diets.

2015Alcoholic drinks charged on a /drink basis, total collected upon completion of safari. Alcoholic drinks with mixers and stand/alone drinks and soft drinks charged likewise. Bottles of spirits and/or bottled beers for consumption at tents will be up to each client. We will stop for those purchases on the way out of Arusha and/or at our favorite booze shops. Beers likewise. Wine at dinner complimentary, Bottled water complimentary on safari in vehicles, Liter-size bottled water ordered during meals will be charged/person. At Ndutu Lodge chilled bottles of wine sold at the bar to carry to your rooms available. Bartender will keep your purchases by the drink or bottle on your room tab

Melania and I would love to hear from you.

2015Some Notes on Kopjes

Jim Brett

The Gol Kopjes (Copies) make an unforgettable impression and they have obviously implanted themselves in the human mind for unimaginable periods of time. Kopjes represent the oldest rocks on the planet and have continued to heave through the volcanic ash exfoliating as the pressure from above subsides. Many kopjes are surrounded by large stone circles, made by ancient man, a hundred thousand years old. Others possess a delicate pinnacle or spire that could easily have been toppled by a minor act of foolishness. Over there is a row of monoliths standing in an arc, hooded monks contemplating the cosmos. Kopjes are shaded by one or two full-sized acacia trees pruned to ideal proportions by the Maasai. Easter Island meets Stonehenge in a Shinto shrine, but on a panoramic scale.

At the southern end of the Gols, a local rainstorm has invigorated a large kopje with a display of brightly colored flowers. Squat, red fireball lilies throb violently. In a setting of severe gray stone, delicate red and yellow gloriosa lilies dangle from the branches of a wispy green thorn tree. Orange candelabras sprouting from the aloes attract metallic-green sunbirds. At the top of the dome weird succulent and sturdy white vines loop down in a circular pool of water, an unexpected scene in the Savannah.

We head up to the central cluster of the Gols, the high point on the plains here, the great divide between the western drainage system which ultimately flows into Lake Victoria, and the dead-end system then empties into Olduvai Gorge. Each kopje up here has a shape of its own. One is a simply pyramid of watermelon- size stones, another is just two massive grey spheres separated by a perfect acacia. A third forms a stark granite wall, lined on either side by a half dozen well spaced trees. At the very top of the ridge stands a balanced rock about eight feet high on a flat anvil of stone. I found there in the middle of the flat anvil a punched down area which formed a pool where the water was clear and cool. I've gone there often.

From An Early Journal Entry

'Some time ago whilst camping at the base of this kopje I liked to bathe in the pool before the baboons had fouled the water. I would carry a glass of whiskey to be with the setting sun—a sun which sets so quickly in the African evening. Angelina, following her bath, would approach from behind smelling of jasmine drying her black skin in the warm Savannah wind. We both stare out over Hadza land and listen. On occasion we w2015ould linger with the pleasant evening longer than the sun, longer than is wise because we are undoubtedly being watched. Angelina was of the Mbulu Tribe, Totoga-warm-skinned, leather skirted girls with striking angular faces softened by the southern winds who are the most lovely women that I have been with in Africa.

On those dreary days at home when I wish with an intense pang that I was in Africa, this is the spot I long for. This is the spot where I always spend at least a full day when it is endlessly green and a million wildebeest graze in every direction. The countless black profiles on their felt landscape, grunting contentedly; the air permeated by a barnyard smell of freshly digested grass. If I want a moment of mystical exaltation, this is the spot that sends me six inches off the ground. This is my place of worship.'

Some Thoughts About Spirits

Alcoholic drinks are your own responsibility on this safari both in camp and in lodges. In camp we will have a full supply of spirits, wine, beer, liqueurs, soft drinks and water. There will be red and white wine, vodka, gin, scotch whiskey, Jack Daniels, brandy and Amarula (the African equivalent of Bailey's, but much better; proper mixes, but seldom ice. Please indicate your choice so that I know what and how much to stock. We can get Diet Coke, but I have to know before I leave. There are plenty of vegetarian foods included at each meal.....all meals are family style.


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