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Carson Believes in Birding...

Ronkonkama, NY – June 2006 - To celebrate Carson Optical’s entry into the Birding marketplace, Rich Cameron, the company’s President and CEO, asked the entire Carson family of employees to get “hands-on” developing a Birding environment at their headquarters in Ronkonkama, NY

The Carson team is creating a bird-friendly habitat on the grounds of their headquarters’ facility with its proximity to the Atlantic flyway. They are developing a habitat that offers cover, food, safe nesting places and water. Staff members have planted mulberry trees, holly bushes, butterfly bushes, a sunflower patch and different types of colorful flowers for the birds and butterflies. They have made available suet logs for woodpeckers, thistle for finches, and peanuts and black-oil sunflower seeds for all birds.

Carson Optical has organized company Birding walks with representatives of various parks and preserves on Long Island to become more familiar with birds and their habitats. Staff members also maintain contact with each other on weekends to report on bird sightings.

Carson’s belief in the importance of backyard Birding and weekend bird watching has led to their determination to produce affordable optics with a price value formula that is unparalleled in today’s competitive marketplace. Affordable, quality optics allow entire families to enjoy bird watching together.

Warren Harrington, one of the nation’s leading Birders, will be field testing Carson’s design product in real world conditions as the company continues to utilize their technology to develop the best product quality at affordable pricing.

Carson Optical is known for product innovation, exceptional customer service and value. Carson is a leading supplier of consumer optics for all ages. Carson branded products include a wide range of Binoculars, Magnifiers, Microscopes and related optical accessories. The people at Carson are marketing specialists, offering outstanding packaging and strong advertising and editorial support. Their line of products was created with the end user in mind.

Contact Carson toll-free: 1-800-9-OPTICS or visit our web site at www.carsonoptical.com or e-mail us at info@carsonoptical.com.


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