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Frequently Asked Questions

Length in business

For over 30 years Wild Africa Bush Safaris adventure travel program has led the way with personalized natural and cultural history excursions throughout Isriel, Central and South America, Mexico, Africa and North America. Every destination is designed by Naturecorp staff and the individual client or their families in mind. We are proud of our individualized services and a planning team with over 30 years of service to the wildlife and natural history community.

Who are the Africa adventurers?

Wild Africa Bush Safaris travelers are outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists who love watching wildlife, visiting ancient ruins and archeological digs, visiting remote villages with indigenous peoples, and discovering the natural/cultural history of new places. Our participants range in age from 16 to 86 and they come from all over the globe. Special consideration will be given for youth ages 10 and older for family catered trips.

Group size

We do small groups…usually 10 participants. We arrange and cater Wild Africa Bush Safaris adventures, alumni excursions, private luxury tented safaris and wildlife-watching experiences for couples, families or groups of friends.


Many of our participants are single men and women. We have guests traveling with a friend or spouse or the entire family. Prices are based upon double occupancy travel. We don’t pair individuals into a room or tent or ship berth. If singles travel they are encouraged to contact other singles that have signed on.

Adventure Rating

You will know prior to registration the degree of difficulty required for any trip. No trip is without rigors, but soft ones. There is no mountain climbing unless a private trip is arranged, for example, to climb Kilimanjaro. We have expert Kilimanjaro climbers whom we’ve worked with for 20 years – yes they are all still with us and still climbing! Our travelers should be in reasonably good shape however and able to do a fair amount of walking or persevering long days on rugged roads in 4X4 vehicles.

Family Travel

We encourage family units to travel with us, but will not combine families with travelers who may object to young children. Wild Africa Bush Safaris has and can plan family excursions with other family units, but only after there has been a thorough discussion with the parents involved.

What do I need to for my trip?

A detailed list of clothing and equipment will be provided following registration. You will not need any specialized equipment such as tents, rafting gear, commissary or camping gear.


Our Private Tented Camps has a full-time staff including two of the most reputable chefs in the business. Dining is in our large dining tent with proper linen and settings. The same applies to the safaris in Southern Africa.


Our prices are mixed. African travel includes airfare, both scheduled and charter. Trips will specify if air travel is included. We can also provide assistance with pre and post trip extensions.

Payment and Deposit Policy

Individual payment schedules provided upon registration.

Cancellation Policy

At registration $1,000 is nonrefundable. Six months before departure 10% of total trip cost is nonrefundable. Four months before departure 50% total trip cost is nonrefundable. Sixty days from departure no refund. All cancellations must be in writing. We apologize for the stringent cancellation policy, but all deposits and payments to land operators and park reservation fees are non-refundable.

We strongly recommend cancellation insurance (required for some trips) upon registration. This insurance will cover any losses incurred by the client (see insurance details for extent and nature of coverage). Travel insurance policies also cover costs incurred through bodily injury or death or repatriation.



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