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TREKS Naturecorp Group strongly encourages all trip members to purchase travel insurance. Each season we experience several clients who have to cancel at the last minute as a result of unforeseen situations that do not allow them to partake in an active vacation. This includes situations such as canceled or delayed flights that prevent you from reaching the departure point on time, to twisting your ankle before you leave on a strenuous hiking trip.

In addition, if for some reason you become ill on the trip and have to be evacuated or transported from a remote region to a medical facility (on many of our trips, the nearest medical facility is many miles away), the insurance policy provides coverage for emergency medical transportation. For adventure travel these two benefits alone justify the expense. The program we recommend has many other benefits, so please review the plan information carefully. Again, we highly recommend purchasing this supplemental coverage taken with TREKS Naturecorp Group.

Treks/Naturecorp Group staff will assist you with your insurance needs. Insurance for Southern Africa travelers is mandatory. All of our camps in Botswana and Namibia are booked exclusively for our travelers. We do not share camps. The same goes for our Private Tented Safaris in Tanzania as “Private” means just that.


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