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Prepare for a Trip

Booking Conditions

Please understand that payment and arrival in Tanzania constitutes acceptance of our booking conditions. We would recommend you bring a copy to Tanzania with you.

Visa Requirements

Plane on the runway.Due to fluid nature of visa requirements throughout Africa, we recommend that all of our guests check the current situation with their local Tanzanian embassy at least two months prior to their arrival.

For expedited service I recomend contacting:

United Republic of Tanzania
Permanent Mission To The U.N.
307 East 53rd Street
Suite 400
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212-697-3612, Fax: 212-697-3618.
Email: tzrepny@aol.com

Visa Regulations for visitors to Tanzania


By far the largest health concern raised by travelers to Africa revolves around the issue of Malaria. Rather than provide you with reams of information regarding the malaria carrying female Anopheles mosquito and the prevention and cure of the disease, we would far rather refer you to your personal physician - safe in the knowledge that this professional will provide you with the best and most up to date advice available. Or go to http://www.cdc.gov


We are no longer authorized to offer recommendations for travel insurance. You can receive information by googling information on you computer. However, Good Earth Tours and Safaris will offer complimentary evacuation insurance if accident should occur during the safari.   Jim will walk you through procedures with Squaremouth. www.squaremouth.com

Plane on the runway.

First Air Responder (FAR) ia an emergency medical evacuation membership operating within East Africa.

See http://www.firstairresponder.com/ for more information.

Pre Departure Shopping Kit

Before you depart home it is close to essential that three items occur on your safari shopping list (if you don't already own them)*

  • A quality SRL or digital camera with the facility to carry a lens of 2OOmm or more will greatly increase 'your chances of taking that award winning shot of the fight between the leopard and male baboon.
  • Let Jim guide you along the way to proper binoculars.
  • A small Maglight type flashlight with spare bulb and an extra set of SurefireŠ batteries will make finding your tent at night a more comfortable experience.

Our Suggested Packing List is comprised of:

  • Sunglasses, contact lenses and spare glasses in case you are affected by dust
  • Broad-brimmed Hat
  • Long and short-sleeved cotton shirts (rather than tee-shirts open necks are more comfortable in the heat of the day)
  • Shorts / skirts
  • Long trousers--the quick-dry synthetics are best these days
  • Bathing suit, staff will inform you on pools along the way
  • Underwear (ladies may appreciate the extra support given by an athletic bra - our roads can be rather rough!) NB:Ladies undergarments must be hand washed by yourseves in camp.
  • Comfortable walking shoes - canvas or leather combos
  • Sandals / thongs, rubber souled flipflops to ward against slippery showers & tile floors
  • Sweater or fleece jacket
  • Light rain jacket
  • Toiletries
  • SunBlock and after sun lotion
  • Insect repellent
  • Basic ointments (antiseptic/anti-irritant)
  • Zip lack bags for your toiletries laundry and electronic equipment

Further suggestions are included upon registration.

When packing you should bear in mind the areas that you are to visit. All year round northern Tanzania plays host to an enviable temperate weather pattern. On the whole you would do well to expect very pleasant daytime temperatures in all locations and cool evenings. As variation nighttime temperatures on the rim of the Ngorongono Crater reach "chilly" and coastal Zanzibar and the southern parks of the Selous and the Ruahe are decidedly warmer.


In recent years the rainy seasons have become less predictable but as an indication you may expect the long rains in late March, April and May, the short rains should fall in October, November and early December. In either case you should bear in mind that rain in Africa is always a blessing and infrequently more than a minor inconvenience Both sunsets and Savannahs are often at their most stunning after a brief downpour.

Safari Dining

We offer a choice or continental or full English breakfast and a buffet style lunch or picnic. Depending on the activities of the day. Supper is a more formal four-course affair The East African diet is traditional end hearty - a prefect accompaniment to the environment although if you have any specific dietary requirements we will take pleasure in accommodating you - but please advise us in advance.

Throughout your safari you will find that bottled (and thus recyclable) sodas and local beers are plentiful - please note however that diet and caffeine free drinks are not yet available (unless noted otherwise in your detailed itinerary, your drinks are not included in your safari price). We should also like to encourage you to sample local wines that are rapidly improving in quality and reputation.


Laundry facilities (dependent upon water availability} are available at all accommodations. Please note that at certain locations a fee may be charged.

Air Transfers

All the companies that we use for transfers, whether they be scheduled or chartered are locally licensed and fully authorized.


Main electricity in Tanzania is 240 volts 50 cycles In bush locations, power is supplied by a generator that will function in the evening until about 2300 hours. Sockets are of the British 3 square pin variety and while adapters are available at some reception desks we would recommend traveling with your own.


Local currency is the Tanzanian shilling and is freely convertible although we would urge you strongly to never exchange money with street venders As a precaution we urge all our guests to either keep their valuables with them or to take advantage of lodge safe deposit boxes - never to leave them, however carefully hidden, in their room or tent. In tented camps allow your guide to handle those securities.


Curio shopping in Tanzania has been elevated to an art form - you cannot be too outgoing when bargaining, so do not be shy.

The following are ever popular:

  • Maasai beadwork
  • Hard wood carvings
  • Batiks
  • Tribal masks


Kiswahili is the official language of Tanzania and is spoken throughout the county, although English has become the lingua franca of the tourism industry.

International Flights

Please bear in mind the fact that international airlines frequently overbook departures these days often resulting in passengers being 'bumped' from the flight Early arrival at your airport is recommended, as is re-confirmation 72 hours before flying.


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