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My husband, three of my four children ages 10-19 (and a 17 yr old niece) my mother-in-law, and a dear college friend had the opportunity to travel to Tanzania with Jim Brett and Good Earth Tours this past June for an extraordinary experience.

Upon landing in Arusha, we had the great pleasure of meeting our trusted native guides, and soon to be friends, Goodluck and Abdi...we also were fortunate to have Melania, Jim's adopted foster child and guide-in- training on board! The journey that was so meticulously planned under the guidance of Jim was about to begin!

The next 2 1/2 weeks were full days of observing and learning from our guides...whether the subject was mammals, birds, plants, insects or people/culture they were quick to educate us. The details of each day, and where the adventure would take us always unfolded seamlessly for stress free travels.

The Good Earth crew-members traveled ahead of us and set up each camp we moved to, Each tent was complete with a toilet, shower, linens and sisal carpeting... a really luxurious "camping" experience which we all appreciated very much! Upon return to camp each late afternoon a hot shower and campfire with refreshments was awaiting us...followed by dinners which were incredibly delicious and lovingly prepared and served by the staff!

In summary, the guides led by Jim Brett, the service and food and total experience was an A+...quite exceptional...such an organized and thoughtful expedition enabled us to relax and enjoy each other and to create memories and a trip of a lifetime...we are forever grateful!!

The Short family -- Kempton. PA

A special note to let you know that our most recent trip with you was the most extraordinary trip yet. It was remarkable that we were able to sample such a diversity of landscapes and wildlife in just over two short weeks. The migration was stunning and our journey was truly off the beaten track It was hard to believe that we saw such a low number of vehicles and had a chance to view the leopard and rhino almost exclusively by ourselves...something almost as rare as the actual sightings. The guides, food, and accommodations were top rate and the company was enjoyable. This journey will assure that wild Africa will always be with me...asante sana.

Rick and Jodi

Jim Brett/Naturecorp has single handedly made our dreams come true! Jim was flawless in the organization of visiting Tanzania. Jim knows the local people and the geography like the back of his hand. The fact that he knew Massai leaders made our trip unique and intimate. All of the small details were perfect--we went to local flea markets, visited small villages, orphanages, a hospital, all the while seeing the most extraordinary wildlife the planet has to offer. The countless mammals and birds we saw included rhinos, zebra, elephant, cheetah, leopard, warthog, dik-dik, hyena, eland, buffalo, lions, hippos, and numerous other species. It was like visiting another planet where humans are still living harmoniously with the world around them.

Jim Brett was so magnificent we booked a second trip to Uganda and Rwanda. This time we were off to see mountain gorillas and once again, the trip was unbelievably perfect. Every place we ventured was even more beautiful than the last. He knew the routes we would be traveling and organized picnic lunches at the foot of the impenetrable forest, at the mouth of the Nile with hippos bathing in front of us, and even campfires at dusk. Trekking for mountain gorillas is hands down the most breath-taking and magical encounter we have ever experienced. We trekked twice in Bwindi, Uganda and twice in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Every expedition was a new and different experience. Jim had trekked for gorillas in the past and knew what we should expect. Although everything exceeded our expectations, we woke up every morning to a day packed full of excitement. We literally sat among chimpanzees, scratching ourselves, and each other to be accepted among them. As if these majestic apes weren’t enough to make our trip complete, we went on safaris in between- never a dull moment!

The most cherished memories and moments of our lives were spent in Africa, thanks to Jim Brett.

-Danielle Konya and Dylan Smith
2009 & 2010

Vegan Treats - Bethlehem, PA - www.vegantreats.com

Dear Naturecorp


I could never thank you enough for our wonderful trip. It was just far, far above our expectations. Every little detail was taken care of. Getting together with our group almost a year in advance, to really get to know each other and develop bonds, was great. Knowing our different personalities and how we would learn from each other and how each person brought something different to the table was just one of the many details that you designed to make this an unbeatable experience. The lodge where we stayed the 1st and last night was so beautiful. Everything about Naturcorp was exceptional. The guides where so intelligent and personable, the tents, so nice, the trucks so comfortable and the food was great. We were spoiled. Our every need taken care of.

The route you chose for us was perfect. The birding was fantastic for those of us after great photography, the mammals were uncountable for those of us on a mission to see everything we could and the geology was remarkable for the geologists in the group. Getting to meet the Massai was the most touching experience of my life. It changed me forever. I will never again take for granted all of the blessings we have.

We have shown our more than 1200 pictures to so many people already, and none can believe the things we saw and experienced. I am almost afraid to travel again, because I know that it could never come close to the experience we had in Tanzania. All because of your passion for what you do.

Thank you, Jim, for touching our lives in such a big way!

Louise and Bruce


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