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Why Travel To Namibia

Namibia is a country of contrasts straddled between two deserts ~ the Namib Desert along its coastline, and the Kalahari in the eastern interior. It is a large country of over 800,000 square kilometres, close in size to Botswana and Zimbabwe put together. Visiting the unique Skeleton Coast has to be one of the best safaris in Africa. New, small and intimate camps and lodges have been built in remote locations to cater for these new visitors looking for that wonderful safari experience. As distances are so vast in Namibia, we prefer to fly our guests from camp to camp. This allows more time for exploring on the ground. Longer driving safaris are only recommended if you have upwards of 10 or 12 days available. The roads are long and often dusty. Time is needed to make a driving safari enjoyable. With the Okavango and Victoria Falls being next door, a lot of people combine a Namibian safari with a Botswana, a Zimbabwe or Zambian safari. Cape Town is only two hours’ flight away from Windhoek, and this also makes a great combination.


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