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Why Travel To Tanzania

Tanzania Safaris are unparalleled in the safari business. Deciding upon an African adventure is one of the most important travel decisions you can make. Most people come to Africa once in a lifetime. We have crafted our safari's around the private tented experience. On most safaris tourists are crammed into a minibus with up to 12 persons. These are the mass market packages with sardine-can vehicles, a local driver and a 100% touristy hotel accommodation.

The large tour operators and even some small ones do not provide you with the expertise of a professional guide. Our Wild Africa Bush Safaris will normally assign Jim Brett or one of his staff to accompany each safari from beginning to end. Guests with other companies are ‘delivered’ to their 300 bed hotel by the driver, deposited by 5:30 P.M. not to be seen again until after breakfast at 8:00 A.M. Our Wild Africa Safaris begin their mornings before sunrise with a group not to exceed 10 – and that is 5 persons/Toyota stretch-body Land Cruisers with Jim or a pre-assigned leader/guide and your own professional driver/guide who is conversant in KiSwahili and English and those individuals are with you throughout the entire trip.

We use 4x4 Extended Body Land Cruisers with no more than 4 persons. The large tour operators do not provide the expertise of a professional guide, rather clients are gathered at their 300 bed hotel by a minibus driver and deposited by 5:00 P.M. not to be seen again until morning. The Hemingway-style safari camp allows our small groups to become totally immersed in Africa; the wildlife, the countryside and the people in all the splendor of the open spaces including sleeping under canvas in large Manyara tents.

The single most important factor when choosing an outfitter is the safari guide. TREKS guides have had thousands of hours in the bush and they are truly professional and great fun to be with.

There is no finer way to feel Africa than in our Private Tented Camps. Hemingway-style camps consist of heavy canvas Manyara Tents which are very comfortable and cozy. Tents are spacious and airy with zippered doors and mosquito-netting all around. The sleeping tents have two heavy wooden beds with mattresses and proper bed linen. Beds can be arranged side by side to create one large queen-size bed. Each tent has tables, camp chairs, washstands and a 12-volt lighting system. There are large capacity charge units in each tent for batteries, cameras, video outfits. There is a combination ensuite shower/flush toilet in each tent. Between the sleeping chamber and the toilet/shower chamber is a proper dressing room with clothing storage and hanging facilities and a wash basin separated by a heavy canvas partition. Hot showers are available anytime. Same day personal laundry and shoeshine is always available - (dependent upon availability of water). Your tent is serviced by your personal tent staff responsible for refilling shower and toilet water supplies and keeping your tent clean. He is available 24/7 for your needs. However tent crew members are distanced by their own canvas lodging behind the kitchen insuring off-hour privacy for all of the client’s tents.

The dining tent provides a spacious atmosphere with proper dining tables, comfortable chairs and serving tables. There are three cooked meals every day and some days' meals are alfresco. The food is very good indeed; meals are designed and prepared by one of Africa's finest camp chefs; the service is 5-Star. Drinks in the one or two lodges were we stay are additionally charged as are alcoholic beverages in camp. Complimentary South Africa wines are served at dinner. Special dietary requirements are met. Complimentary bottled drinking water is provided in each vehicle in electrical powered coolers. The food is prepared from fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and fish. Water has never given anyone a problem. Our camp staff has been with us for a decade and have come part of our extended family.

Our Safari venues can combine the northern and southern Tanzanian parks and reserves as well as the romantic islands of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar, and offshore facilities south of Dar es Salaam. Our partners in Botswana and Namibia add extra experience available as separate experiences or combined with those of the north.

Our guests have become a family of individuals who can speak highly of their own experiences with us. Their names and phone numbers are available upon request. Our groups are carefully constructed so as to provide the necessary camaraderie to maintain the esprit de corps during the close-knit camping experience.

Photographs by Jim Brett.


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