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Why Travel To Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a land-locked Southern African country. It is about the same size as California. The country is blessed with fertile soils, mineral wealth and wonderful scenery. Two major rivers form its northern and southern boundaries. The great Zambezi River cuts along its northern frontier, while the more languid Limpopo forms the southern border with South Africa. It is in the wilder and peaceful northern parks that we concentrate our safari operations. The Zambezi has an exceptional variety of wonderful scenery as well as one of the world’s natural wonders ~ Victoria Falls. The National Parks along the Zambezi are legendary. Mana Pools and Matusadona are located on the floodplains of Africa’s Great Rift Valley and offer extraordinary game viewing. Along the Botswana border, the easternmost tongues of the Kalahari sands creep into the country and mix with the teak forests of the interior. Desert adapted animals live in the same area as woodland species. Hwange National Park is home to some of Southern Africa’s last great Elephant, Buffalo and Sable herds. The Linkwasha/Makalolo concession within Hwange is a truly wild area where animals have no restrictions and can migrate to and from. This area also has Zimbabwe’s best summer game viewing. Recently, Zimbabwe has been much in the news. Nonetheless, the private camps used by TREKS are filled with experienced Africa travelers, who know that it is during these times that one gets the finest wildlife experiences, at the best prices. Victoria Falls and the northern parks are safe and still offer one of the best wildlife experiences in Africa today. If one ever doubted that well-planned tourism was Africa’s best conservator, Zimbabwe will remove all such doubts. Zimbabwe’s northern parks are vibrant and thriving in a depressed economy because just enough travelers are visiting these parks and helping to ensure that their animals are well protected. Conservation in Zimbabwe needs tourism now more than at any other time.


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